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Oaxacan Figurative Ceramics
Aguilar Family

Ocotlan de Morelos, a typical rural town in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is the home of the four Aguilar sisters, renowned nationally and internationally for their imaginative and innovative ceramic figures. These delightful pieces are a celebration of the indigenous culture in their portrayal of the tableaux of daily life, from food to dress to customs and mythology, radiating a warmth that is quintessentially Mexican.

Frida Kahlo Shares Her Paintings
Josfina Aguilar
Oaxaca, Mexico

This delightful ceramic sculpture is by Josefina Aguilar, matriarch of a family renowned nationally and internationally for their imaginative ceramic figures. Frida is perched on a bench proudly showing some of her best known paintings.

6”W x 6 ¾”T x 3”D. $148


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Cielito Lindo Estudio

In a small studio in central Mexico, a young husband and wife partnership creates delightful folk art images that reflect the wry humor, satirical wit, and powerful traditions which permeate the Mexican psyche.

Combining the traditional tin nichos found in Mexican homes with found objects, milagros, wood carvings, and bright Mexican colors, Anke de Madrazo and Jose Antonio Madrazo Galvez have created a unique art form that is at once both personal and universal.

Heart of Red Roses Nicho

The luscious red heart in this nicho is covered with gorgeous roses. The outside of the niche is circled with gold tone Milagros. What lovely addition for your sweetie or for your own collection!

10"T x 8"W x 1.5"D. $98.00.


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Market Scene

Arpilleras are three dimensional appliquéd pictures that tell the story of life in Peru. This one is a market scene.

18 inches square. $76.00


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The Masks of Mexico

Mexican masks enchant viewers of all ages and all backgrounds. They seem to take on a life of their own. They reveal a whole universe of beliefs—indigenous beliefs, old world religious beliefs, contemporary beliefs and the profound mixture, through time, of all three. Our masks are all vintage pieces, collected approximately 30 to 40 years ago. Many were old when they were first collected. Mostly, these pieces are difficult to find today.

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Mexican Sun Mask

Unusual vintage Mexican sun mask. The sun is an important spiritual symbol for many different ethnic traditions in Mesoamerica and extending even further south into the Incan culture.

Polychrome wood mask with "cobb" rays painted gold.

    9”T x 9 ½”W x 5”D. $250.00

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“Dia de los Muertos”/Day of the Dead

The playfulness and humor in the skeletons found throughout Mexico during the Day of the Dead reflect the belief that death is another aspect of life with all its variety and vivaciousness. This very important festival is combined with All Saints Day, November1st, when the spirits of children return, and All Souls Day, November 2nd, when adult spirits return. During this annual reunion the souls of the dead are welcomed as honored guests by their friends and family.

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Amor Mio Retablo

This delightful catrina is peddling baskets of hearts. By Alcedez Quispe.

9”T x 4.25”W (when closed) x 2”D. $148.00


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Tin Art from Mexico

Mexican artisans have created striking artwork with the humble material of tin since at least the 16th century.
There are several regions famous for  this quintessentially Mexican craft: Oaxaca, San Miguel and Tonala, Mexico.

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Frida Kahlo Angel/Mermaid in Painted Tin

Frida Kahlo is a much beloved Mexican painter! Here she is represented as both an angel and mermaid, both iconic Mexican images.


18"T x 9 1/8"W x 1"D. $64.00

Temporarily Out of Stock


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Milagro Heart

These hand carved and hand painted wooden hearts are covered with tiny metal Milagros. Milagros or “Miracles”, found in many areas of Latin America, are used by the people to petition saints for help or protection. In many of the churches one can see wooden statues of various saints, the Virgin Mary or of Christ covered with small metal images of arms, legs, animals, praying figures or other symbols of their prayers. Milagros serve to remind the saint of the person’s prayers and also to thank the saint for prayers that have been answered.

5"T x 3.5"W x 1"D. $48.00

Temporarily Out of Stock

Hand Wall Amulet Covered with Milagros

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Hand Wall Amulet Covered with Milagros

Silvered colored metal milagros on dark wooden hand.

5"T x 3.25"W x 5/16"D. $45.00

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Large Golden "Escalloped" Milagro Heart

The central wooden heart is a dark color while the border is red with golden color leafing.

9 7/8"T x 8"W x 2"D. $144.00

Temporarily Out of Stock

Milagro Frame with Guardian Angel Image

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Milagro Frame with Guardian Angel Image

Keep the guardian angel image or add your own special picture in this charming frame!

5.25"T x 4.25"W x 3/4"D. $54.00

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Guadalupe Statue

This sweet little statue of Guadalupe is carved from wood in Guerrero, Mexico. She is hand painted and gilded. She hangs on a wall or sits on a tabletop—you choose.

7.25"T x 4.25”W x 1.25”D. $74.00


Vintage Hand Crafted Box

This vibrantly colored wood box from India is decorated with scenes from a Maharajah's life and would make a lovely storage chest for your jewelry treasures. It has three interior compartments.

10.5"W x 7.75"D x 5"T. $195.00

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Hand Amulets

The hand amulet is regarded as a protective talisman in many parts of the world. In the Middle East and Central Asia it is a powerful protector against “the evil eye”, believed to be the source of misfortune and illness and other problems. It is thought to bring its owner good fortune and to endow them with the virtues of patience and faithfulness. There is a similar Jewish tradition. The Hindu version in India, called the Humsa Hand, is often referred to as the” All-seeing eye of Mercy. In other areas, it is regarded as a “helping hand”, a symbol of friendship and a bringer of wealth.

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Hand Pendant Talisman

Designed and cast by Northern California jeweler, William Lindenau, these hand talismans combine the symbolism of many different cultures. With its origins in the Middle East, the hand is believed to protect one from the power of the Evil Eye which can bring bad luck and illness; the finger tips contain the Native American symbols for the sun, moon, star and Eye of God; in the center is the Ying Yang symbol representing balance and harmony or the lotus flower representing enlightenment.

Each pendant is sterling silver and comes with its own 18" sterling box chain and story card. $34.00 each.

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Hand Pendant Talisman

Sterling Hamsa

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Sterling Hamsa

This stylized hand amulet is etched with decorative and mystic symbols and in the center is a traditional Arabic kris knife. 

2”T x 1”W x 1/16”D.  $98.00


Mata Ortiz Pottery

Mata Ortiz potters from the tiny village of Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, Mexico produce their wares in the traditional ways their ancestors did centuries ago. For more information about Mata Ortiz Pottery click here

Wedding Vase from Mata Ortiz
by Jesus Oliva

The traditional wedding vase is one of the most lovely shapes from the Mata Ortiz artisans. The multicolor geometric design is meticulously painted and very graceful.


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A wide assortment of other Mata Ortiz styles are available in both blackware and polychrome finishes by various artists. Please call our gallery toll free at 888-276-1553 for descriptions and availability.

Mata Ortiz Wedding Vase by Jesus Oliva

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