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Ammonite Pendant and Earrings

Ammonite Pendant and Earrings

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Meaningful Adornments that Resonate with both History and Beauty

Our sophisticated art-to-wear ammonite jewelry seamlessly blends nature's beauty with expert craftsmanship, showcasing stunning and mysterious ammonite fossil pieces elegantly encased in sterling silver. Each fossil is meticulously hand-set in a bezel, highlighting its unique shape.

Ammonites are fossilized marine creatures renowned for their spiral shells,  believed to embody ancient wisdom and are utilized for healing and transformation purposes. These ancient treasures are reputed to foster emotional equilibrium, aiding in the release of negative patterns and behaviors and serving as potent talismans against malevolent forces.

With hues ranging from browns to blacks and greys, ammonite fossils are revered by many cultures for their unparalleled beauty and spiritual and mystical significance.

Key Features:

  • Pendant: 2" including ammonite & bale
  • Post earrings: 3/4"long x 5/8"wide
  • Materials: Ancient ammonite fossils and sterling silver

  • Design: Unique blend of natural elements in a sleek sterling silver setting

  • Craftsmanship: Each stone hand-set in a bezel for a personalized touch

  • One of a kind
  • Artisan made

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