Collection: Ethnic & Tribal Jewelry

The beauty of ethnic and tribal jewelry has always fascinated travelers and collectors. The purpose of jewelry goes far beyond that of mere decoration in so many cultures. It is not only beautiful, but often communicates messages about the wearers status, wealth, spiritual beliefs, community celebrations and rites of passage. Because tribal jewelry is so important for so many reasons, it is made with great care and emotion and resonates with the spirit embedded within it. Handcrafted jewelry, whether tribal or contemporary, is very different from what you will find in department stores. To wear it is to make a personal statement of style and confidence!

We have searched the globe to find pieces that speak to us, that have historical energy. You can't see the energy but you can feel it. Handmade, perfect within their imperfections, they have a lovely, sometimes rustic yet refined quality, with beautiful layers of patina that add interest and give zest and zing to your outfits and spirits.