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Turkmen Antique Headdress Pendants

Turkmen Antique Headdress Pendants

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These stunning Turkman tribal headdress ornaments are comprised of fine silver with gilt applique work and carnelian color glass "jewels" and  worn as a display of wealth, social position and beauty as well as their amuletic and talismanic properties. Known as adamlik and worn attached to either side of a woman's headdress, they feature a large anthropomorphic figure at the top that is embellished with edges of gilt applique and carnelian colored glass jewels.

We have chosen not to polish the silver because many of our customers prefer the original patina but you may choose to bring the beautiful luster of the silver to a high gloss by simply polishing if you prefer.

  • Tekke Tribe
  • Total size: 21 1/2" Length x 4 1/2" Wide 
  • The anthropomorphic figure at the tops measure 6 /4" Long & 2 1/4" Wide
  • Fine Silver & gilt  applique, carnelian glass jewels
  • Early 20th century
  • Found in Central Asia

The Turkmen are a nomadic herdsman tribe of Central Asia whose main source of wealth are their horses and jewelry.

Turkmen silver jewelry carried deep symbolic meanings and functions as a banking system for nomadic people as it is easily carried from place to place, it has a stable value and can be exchanged for money or goods. In addition, jewelry has a protective function as an amulet or talisman.

In addition to the protective benefits of the fine silver metal itself, the semi-precious stones that embellish the jewelry are also imbued with protective powers. Cabochons of Carnelian, a rich red colored Agate stone, are popular because they are believed to protect the wearers from illness and death. Carnelian is also believed to promote strong, healthy blood and ease in childbirth. Often glass beads of the same colors are used instead of semi-precious stones.


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