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Protective Stone Illa Ram Fetish Amulet

Protective Stone Illa Ram Fetish Amulet

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This ram amulet is hand carved from huamanga stone to attract the blessing of the Pachamama by the Aymara people of Bolivia. This antique early 20th century ram illa has been bound by a local artisan in sterling silver so that it can be worn. Wear it on a chain or ribbon.

Illas or protective stone fetishes are used as offerings to the mother earth/mountains to ask for protection and insure the fertility of the land and animals in the mountain rituals of Bolivia. Carved from huaymanga stone which carries the power of the mountain, Illas are buried in the corners of the fields to attract the blessings of the Pachamama.

  • 1 1/2"W x 1 1/8"T x 1/2"D
  • Weight: 19 grams
  • Antique, early 20th c.
  • One of a kind
  • huamanga (alabaster) stone with sterling silver binding
  • hand carved


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