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Bear Fetish by Zuni Carver Maxx Laate

Bear Fetish by Zuni Carver Maxx Laate

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Maxx Laate began carving his unique fetishes in the 1980’s, one of the very few carvers to use natural deer antler harvested from the surrounding Pueblo lands. His awareness of subject matter is apparent. he adds intensity, motion and gracefulness to his carvings which show keen detail from his personal observations.

This highly detailed bear fetish features inset turquoise eyes.


The Zuni bear fetish is one of the most important Zuni fetishes of Southwestern pueblo societies. The Bear fetish is associated with strength, self-knowledge, and healing. Bears are usually carved with little or no tails but quite a range of body shapes. The Zuni bear fetish is a Protective Animal of the West.


  • Length:  2 1/4" x Width:  1 1/4" x Height:  1 3/4"
  • Zuni Fetish Story card included with purchase



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