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Berber Kohl Container from Morocco

Berber Kohl Container from Morocco

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The beguiling black rimmed eyes of the Berber women of North Africa are achieved using kohl powder, composed of minerals and animal fat. Although its effect is one of beauty, the reality has been much more practical, as protection against the sun and infections of the eyes and also to divert the look of the "evil eye", and its use can be dated back to the Bronze Age.

This lovely carved kohl container functions much like a "compact" with a wand for drawing the kohl around the eyes, a mirror for aiding the process and checking the perfection of the look. The patinaed wood container is covered with intriguing engraved symbols and dates from the mid 20th century. Unfortunately, these beautiful containers have become replaced by contemporary plastics and are more and more rare to find.

One of a kind!

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