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Dinka Tribal Headrest from Central Africa

Dinka Tribal Headrest from Central Africa

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The lifestyle of the Dinka is that of the nomad and herders. Today Dinka people raise cattle and practice agriculture, moving according to the seasons from place to place in the search of water and gazing land for good pasturage

Because they are nomadic people, the Dinka have excelled in the production of small easy to carry objects. Stools and headrests are among these precious objects. Dinka headrests or neck rest are carved from a single piece of yellowish brown wood and consist of three to four-legged stable feet,

These stools and headrests are known as thoch (stool), and used as a headrest and seat by both old men and women. They are also used to protect elaborate coiffure. In the Dinka society and neighboring peoples, headrests like this are very personal.

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