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Mountain Lion Petoskey Fossil Fetish by Rosella Sooseah

Mountain Lion Petoskey Fossil Fetish by Rosella Sooseah

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Carved by remarkably talented Zuni fetish artist Rosella Soseeah, this beautiful fossilized coral mountain lion exemplifies the grace of this powerful creature and highlights the beauty of the stone.

Guardian of the North...the mountain lion symbolizes personal power, resourcefulness, leadership, intuition and loyalty.

Petoskey Stone is a rock of fossilized coral. Dry stones look like limestone but polishing brings out a mottled pattern of six-sided coral fossils. The shores of Lake Michigan are a prime source of Petoskey stone.  Some believe that the eye configurations on Petoskey Stone enhance psychic awareness, and help you tune in to your emotions and creative abilities.

  • 2 3/4" Length x 1 7/8"Tall x 7/8"Width
  • Zuni Fetish story card included with Purchase


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