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Ndebele Beaded "Sangoma" or Shaman Doll

Ndebele Beaded "Sangoma" or Shaman Doll

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Among the Ndebele people of South Africa, the Sangoma is an important specialist--a diviner who has contact with the ancestral spirits. It is believed that she reveals the will of the spirits. The Sangoma is revered as the protector of society and her opinion and judgement are highly valued.

Ndebele dolls are an intricate part of Ndebele culture in South Africa, and traditionally the dolls and bead patterns have meanings that are linked to Ndebele tribal rituals and cultural rites of  passage. In African culture, dolls are usually not children's playthings, but rather objects that are laden with ritual and religious associations within the community. African dolls are used to teach, and entertain. They are supernatural intermediaries and they are manipulated for ritual purposes.

  • 2 sizes, 3 color ways
  • Handcrafted in South Africa
  • Cotton and synthetic fabric, glass & plastic beads
  • Fair Trade
  • Story card included with purchase




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