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"Tree of Life" Greeting Card

"Tree of Life" Greeting Card

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Tree of Life Greeting Card - A Vibrant Celebration of Nature's Divine Forces

Crafted by the renowned Huichol artist Gonzalo Hernandez Carrillo, this lovely greeting card is a  celebration of the sacred Tree of Life. Through his distinctive folk art style, Carrillo illustrates the divine forces of nature that provide for and nurture all living beings. The central image depicts a magnificent tree whose roots burrow deep into the nourishing earth, representing our profound connection to this planet that sustains us. Its branches stretch skyward, embracing the celestial spirit realm above in a powerful symbolic unity of the terrestrial and cosmic worlds. Rendered in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors and hypnotic patterns, the Tree of Life design honors the cycles of growth, death, and rebirth inherent in the natural world. Huichol art has long used this iconic motif to express humanity's reverence for the delicate balance between all beings.

 A unique work of art for those who appreciate indigenous art, Mexican folk traditions, or the sheer beauty of nature's divine design. 


  • Card:  7 1/2″W x 5 1/8″T. Includes envelope.
  • Suitable for framing
  • Hand embellished by the Indigenous Huichol People of Mexico
  • Fair Trade
  • Story cards included with each item.
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