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Woodcut Print Greeting Card by Jose Francisco Borges: "Courtship"

Woodcut Print Greeting Card by Jose Francisco Borges: "Courtship"

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The "Courtship" greeting card is an iconic Brazilian folk woodblock print by Jose Francisco Borges renowned for his woodcut prints illustrating stories and themes from the cordel folk literature tradition of northeastern Brazil. His work depicts rural life, legends, and social issues with bold imagery, humor, and vibrant colors  where art, folklore, and a touch of Brazilian magic converge in the most delightful way!


Borges was an herb seller, bricklayer, farmhand, carpenter and potter before becoming a poet and woodblock print artist. One of the most celebrated Latin American artists, his work is exhibited in museums around the world.


  • 5" x 7" greeting card on glossy card with envelope
  • Individually wrapped in cellophane
  • Story of Jose Francisco Borges on back of card
  • Printed in New Orleans
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