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Zuni Fetish Marble Lizard by Ben Kaamasee

Zuni Fetish Marble Lizard by Ben Kaamasee

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A stunning lizard fetish hand carved in picasso marble by Ben Kaamasee is one of the most elaborate and detailed in our collection.

A renowned Zuni artist known for his intricate fetish carvings, Kaamasee has given this lizard carving detailed inlaid eyes of jet and yellow mother of pearl, giving it a lifelike appearance. 
The Zuni people believe that all beings, whether supernatural, animal, or human, belong to one interconnected system. Fetishes are considered living objects that can be used to control or understand powers beyond human understanding, such as for hunting, protection, healing, and initiations.

  • Signed: Ben Kaamasee Zuni
  • Length (Depth): 3 1/2"
  • Width :1 3/4"
  • Height: 7/8"
  • Story card included with purchase
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