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Zuni Pueblo Six Direction Fetish Set

Zuni Pueblo Six Direction Fetish Set

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This Six Direction set of Zuni Pueblo has each animal direction mounted on the back of the Mole guardian of the earth's underworld.

The Zuni people define their world in terms of directions with their home and village at the center of the world. The four cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) radiate from there along with the Upper Dimension & the Lower Dimension.

Often a group of fetishes representing the six directions are used to protect the home.

The home is guarded on each side by the animal guardian of each of these six regions: Bear protects the West, The mountain lion has the North, The badger has the South, The wold has the East. The Upper dimension is looked over by the eagle while the mole looks over the lower regions of the earth.  Each of these animals has its own set of powers as well as responsibility for one of the six directions.

This set comes with its own story card.

2 3/4"L  x  2 1/4"W


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